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2:38 p.m. - 2007-04-30
My last entry was tired and bitchy because... well... I was a little tired and bitchy. 2 weekends ago I'd only slept about 3 hours a night. Now normally a person looks forward to the weekend to catch up on a little sleep and smooth over the rough edges acquired from the work week. However, I've found as I've been working out that (much as I hate to admit it) I do have more energy. I also seem to sleep less. I knew there was no way I could go through the whole week getting 3 hours sleep a night. These 3 hours weren't even coming at one time. I was sleeping an hour and a half and waking up abso-fuckin-lutely wired. So something had to give. Starting last Monday I started pulling back on the caffeine. I didn't want to cold turkey it and deal with the headaches that come along overall fatigue caffeine deprivation causes. My trainer had added a few things to my weight routine Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday (or whatever day that last post was made) my caffeine intake had been cut in half. My body was aching from from the previous day's workout, I was desperate for the jolt of Diet Dew and I was one pissy little bitch. I was sleeping more but was in the full effect of some short term chemical (or lack thereof) depression.
This past Sunday was my first day "drug free". Played golf Saturday, Sunday and today. Did cardio all 3 days. Absolutely murdered myself in cold blood on that arc trainer this morning before today's round. I even got 5.5 hours of uninterupted sleep last night. It's hard to tell what the long term effect of this wil be. However, I've used caffeine as a crutch for my poor sleeping habits for too long and have absolutely no intent of revisiting that one. From now on, if I'm tired and need a jolt, tough shit for me!



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