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1:30 p.m. - 2007-05-15
Where were we?
Just a brief update. Still preparing to train for a marathon. I'm not training aggressively as I think one should. My trainer and chiropractor think I'm approaching it intelligently by the course I'm currently on. As doing things the intelligent way has always been against my better judgement, I don't find much solace in this.
Will move to doing a second set with the weights June 5th. I told the trainer I'd try to tackle a 5K by then. My idea of tackle is just survive one. The elapsed time will be pitiful. Whatever it is I'll own up to it here. I've sucked before. It pisses me off but I'll live through it.
One thing I can say unequivically is that I am not a runner. I see these people at the treadmills at the club. They seem to glide effortlessly along just clipping lightly against the machine. Their pace like a metronome. My plant is heavy, hard and ungainly.
I have great fear of the treadmill moving beneath me and as such can really only run outside. That's not a catastrophe, just the way it is. Quite frankly, if I can one day just run 5k's competetently, that might be as much as I can realisticly hope for.
On a side note, I gained a pound in the last month. (now at 169) It could be an increasing muscle mass. It could be that Breyer's ice cream has been on sale all over town the last couple of weeks and I've been eating a quart a day after work. Whatever, if only I could run as easily as I can find the ice cream section at the grocery stores. Oh yeah, and the chocolate chip muffins. These things are so damn good, mere words won't do them justice. If I can't cut those things out I should at least limit them to one a day. (instead of the 4 I had after breakfast Sunday) Sunday is my cheat day and everything, but that's ridiculous.
Anyway, til next time...mooooo!



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