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6:33 p.m. - 2007-05-26
Then again...
maybe I can do this. After consultation with some of my buddies who've done a little running, I think maybe I've been approaching this wrong. I've been disappointed with my progress thus far and it could be because of my concern over miles per hour as opposed to the long haul. After having several people tell me to just take it easy til I can actually make it for a half hour at a time and then worry about speed, even I eventually catch on. I picked the hottest day of the year thus far to start channeling my inner penguin. It was just after noon Thursday and the temp was just about 90. The wind was hammering out of the west at 30 with gusts to 40. Ran into the wind first and came back with the wind. Was able to go for about 8 minutes at a time then catch a 2 minute blow. I was on a trail at a county forest preserve which was different and kind of cool. You have to pay attention to where and how you step but I think it was a whole lot easier on the joints than the asphalt, even with the ups and downs of the trail. Added a little bit to the 8 minutes today on the greenway that runs alongside my house. I'm generally a little more optimistic about this project.

In other news, I broke down and got myself an Ipod. No, not one of the deluxe ones that will hold a million songs, videos and launch rockets for NASA. It's an Ipod Shuffle. It'll hold enough songs to get me through an ultramarathon if I should chose to run one. It's also about half the size of a belt buckle. On top of that, the player and the arm band I got to clip it to while running came to less than $100, which I can kind of live with. ( I have to live with it now since I bought it.) I always have a rhythm in my head and some song comes to mind with this rhythm. The last couple of days that song had been "Do Wa Diddy". Unfortunately it wasn't the Manfred Mann version but the Bill Murray version from "Stripes". So now there'll be no more running to the "Stripes" soundtrack. Not there's anthing wrong with it, except when you can't shake it out of your head.

Also stopped by the blood pressure machine on the way home from work a couple times this week. When I got my physical, before this project, my pressure was 134 over 84 and my resting pulse was 72. I hadn't checked it since then just to give myself time for some possible gain. My avg. this week (I checked it twice just to make sure it wasn't some aberration) was 113 over 75 with a resting pulse of 57 so that sounds like it has to be some change for the better.

OK, I'm off to converse with my inner penguin.



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