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1:50 p.m. - 2007-05-31
30 in the bag
Went back to the scene of last Thursday's run and managed to extend my crawl out to 30 minutes without stopping. Probably could have gone on a little longer but I had a small stitch under my right rib cage and my legs were feeling pretty fatigued so I killed it off. As slow as I go, I was probably .4 of a mile short of 5k. Much nicer day than last week. Low 70's with intermittent rain. Had come almost face to face with a deer last week as the wind was making so much noise in the trees that it hadn't heard me til I was right up on it. This week they heard me well in advance and I saw them fleeing through the trees before before I actually entered the woods. Just onto the wooded path, a twisting turning, up and down number, there was movement ahead of me. I would just catch a glimpse of it around each corner as it seemed determined to stay on the path but just out of my way. Couldn't tell what it was til it left the ground and flew into the canopy. It was a turkey and it sounded like a helicopter as flew off into the leaves. Kinda scared the crap out of me.
There's a 5k close proximity Saturday, June 9th that I'm about to fill out the entry for. If I don't hurt myself between now and then I should be able to make it through it. The 5k itself, while certainly a short term goal, will mostly be used as a measuring stick of what should be increased pace as the year rolls on.

Oh, do you know The Muffin Man, The Muffin Man, The Muffin Man...



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