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5:30 p.m. - 2007-06-05
A little bit more
Added a little more to the gym routine today. A second set to those exercises I was doing on the Nautilus. Added some core exercises the trainer suggested: V-ups, abdominal crunch-ups, bosu pushups, a variety of pushups using the stability ball. Anything involving those damn stability balls requires you not only do the exercise but balance yourself while you do it. At the moment my ass is feeling thoroughly kicked, but it'll get better... I hope!

Pushed my crawl out to 35 minutes Saturday and 40 minutes Monday. Going to push it to 45 minutes tomorrow, hit the gym Thursday and then take Friday off before posting the world's slowest 5k time Saturday.

After last Saturday's jog I stopped and grabbed (2) one qt. bottles of blue Gatorade. Another blogger wondered awhile back if he would have red pee after drinking high quantities of red Gatorade. I can tell you this, the blue didn't turn my pee blue, but Sunday's bowel movements were green. Which was little alarming til I retraced what I'd dumped into myself the day before.

Ordered a little gps unit that will also record my pulse and such during my runs and be able to upload my stats onto a computer afterwards. Necessary? No! I would say kind of questionable considering I wouldn't spring for a full blown Ipod. But I wanted it and since I can see I'm liking running the trails and fields much more than running the streets, it'll give me an idea how far (or not far) I'm going. Plus I got it for a really good price. (I wouldn't have been able to justify it to myself if I had to pay full retail)

That's about it! A couple days from now I'll be basking in the afterglow of a 1500 calorie muffin binge. Sweeeet!!!



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