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10:39 a.m. - 2007-07-05
What the hell did I say?
After I got to work Tuesday evening it occurred ro me that I said I over-pronate. WRONG! There's a prefect reason why I should proof read. I should have said under-pronate. So if none of that description of it made sense, hey... welcome to my world. Over-pronaters are usually flat footed. I've got arches like McDonald's.
Having cleared that up, we'll get to my little bit longer run. I'd signed up to do the Park-to-Park 5 Miler in Bloomington on Wednesday morning at 7:30. Usually I run a little earlier after work than that, but I figured there'd be no problem changing my schedule a little bit. However, when I got up from my pre-work nap Tuesday evening, my legs felt dead. Not tired, dead! So then I was thinking maybe this Wed. deal wasn't such a hot idea. But as the evening wore on I might feel a little better. However, just in case, I put a request in to get off work a little early.(midnight) Things would be slow on the morning shift as it was July 4th. July 4th is pretty peaceful unless you sell fireworks, food or you're a member of the emergency sevices, piecing people's appendages back together. So when midnight came along, the evening shift boss had to consult with the morning shift boss to make sure it was ok for me to bolt. The morning shift boss was sure she needed me to avert some unnamed catastrophe. The bosses put their heads together and came up with a workable compromise. I was going to have to stay my whole shift. (you fuckers!)
So as the evening turned to morning my legs felt no less lively, but my back started to hurt, so I had that going for me. I crawled out about 4:30 with time for a shower and something to eat before the hour drive. I heard rumblings when I got out of the shower and was surprised we were about to have a storm. Rain had been forecast for later but this was unexpected. I hit the Weather Channel on the computer and saw that Bloomington was already in a full fledged t-storm that ranged from just outside of town here all the way up to Moline. So now I'm thinking: "Dead legs, aching back, t-storms, and $15 to $18 worth of gas there and back... fuck this! I'm going to bed."
Now I knew even before I hit the pillow, that when I woke up I'd be pissed at myself for not making the effort. I made a vow that if it wasn't thundebolt city when I awoke, I'd go out and crawl through 5 miles, (a) as a form of punshment for pussing out in the morning and (b) to see if my knee could take it at a leisurely pace.
I shook the cobwebs out just before noon, gulped down a banana,a peanut butter and honey sandwich and bottle of water. I then headed back to the little forest preserve with the lurking turkeys from a few weeks back.
Did 1.25 miles out, came back to the truck, swallowed half a bottle of gatorade(not blue), then repeated.
57minutes 54.91 seconds.
Slower than mud through an hour glass. I'd actually figured it would take more than an hour so I was a little surprised. Today the knee feels good. the rest of the body is tired. I'll probably wait til Saturday to run again.
I stopped and got myself a bike helmet. I can't remember whether or not I'd reported that before. It's significant in that it's my first one. I've considered getting toe clips but haven't pulled the trigger on that one yet. Supposedly it's a better workout and you keep your legs muscles in a better balance because you drive with the downstroke and pull with the upstroke. Real cyclists will know the deal. I cycle like I run. I'm getting exercise but I really don't know what the hell I'm doing.
That's about it for today. Nothing hurts! How the hell did that happen?



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