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10:40 p.m. - 2007-07-15
Oh So Very Fast
3 little half hour runs this week. The runs previous to this week but post knee trauma were in the 2.5 something miles per 30 minute average. For the next several weeks I'll aim to fit a little more into my half hour runs til I'm almost, actually, not quite moving as slow as I was. This past week's runs on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday were 2.85, 2.93 and 2.82 miles respectively. Ideally I'll get to where I can jam 4 miles into a half hour before I start dragging out the time. By then hopefully my body will be a little more accustomed to the abuse being thrown at it. The dreams of making it through a marathon this year are virtually in the toliet. I'm just too damn old to recover quickly from even the piddling amount of training I do. A smart man would just surrender and find something else to do.
I'm not a smart man and...
I don't own any white flags and...
the worst any project can do is kill you and...
since none of us get out of this world alive anyway...
my ass'll be trudgin' til I've completed the mission or I'm dead.

Happy trails!!!



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