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8:45 p.m. - 2007-07-21
Once again, 3 runs this week. All 30 minutes apiece. Mon, Wed and Sat at 2.95, 2.92 and 2.91 miles. I really wanted to average at least 3 miles for the half hour. Went out this evening for the final run of the week hoping for something special. Just couldn't get it done.
I've been slacking tremendously in the diet dept. since the 5K. That would be about 6 weeks ago now. I'd say I ate 16 muffins at about 440 calories apiece this week. And there was a couple half gallon cartons of ice cream in there too. I've been doing that every week for the last six weeks. So suffice it to say, I ain't getting no smaller. I haven't weighed in lately so have no idea where I stand there. Did stop by the vitals machine this morning. Blood pressure was 112/75 and pulse was 57, so that seems to be holding steady. Starting Monday I need to hunker down on the good eating again. I say Monday because Sunday is golf, beer and fatty foods day. And of course I've got an open container of ice cream sitting beside me right now, which is just begging to be finished off. I don't want to let it down.
So by my next entry, my slacking, ice cream eating ass better have avergaged 3 miles in 30 minutes for the week's workouts.



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