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3:39 p.m. - 2007-08-12
Dog Days of Summer
...and my performance this week was dog-like. Runs on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat. All 30 minutes. Mileage was 2.71, 3.1, 2.93, and 2.78 respectively. Brian says all runs can't be a PR. Apparently they CAN all be pieces of shit. I'll try to forget this week ever happened and start over again in the morning.
No real injuries. The pinky toe on my left foot now has a black toenail. For some reason that toe reaches when I plant, so it kind of drags across the sock and sometimes the shoe. It's a little painful. I think it would feel better if the damn thing would just fall out so it couldn't catch. Outside of that, nothing.
The temp could drop about 10 degrees a day and it would be just fine. The low temps this past week were still in the 70's, so with the morning haze and humidity it was... well... pretty damned hot. (even at 5:30am) This week's going to be better or I'm going to be kind of pissed. (be prepared for me to be pissed)
Weather permitting, I'm going to try to push out my long run next Sat. evening a couple miles further than my previous high. I'm playing golf that morning after work, so I'm not sure how much juice I'll have left in the tank.
Happy Sweating!



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