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9:46 p.m. - 2007-08-18
9 miles (sort of)
Since the weather was going to be nice today, I'd promised myself I'd go for a nice long jog. I usually just do a half hour 3, maybe 4 times a week. But in order to increase my stamina a little bit I try to do longer ones once every week or 2. A couple of weeks ago I did 7 miles on a Saturday evening. Today I was going to try to do 9. However, I'd also signed up to play in a golf thing this weekend. I got to thinking I probably was not going to feel like playing golf after work this morning, taking a nap and then going out for 9 miles. So right after work I got in 4.5 miles, thinking I'd only have to do the same tonight after I got my nap. It's kind of cheating, but my legs still had to take the same beating over the course of the day and it's all about making them work. Anyway, what I hadn't counted on was how many beers I was going to have during that round of golf and at the 19th hole. I usually am pretty good about just having 2 or 3 and then getting home to bed. Today I don't actually know how many I had. That means I had way to many. I wasn't just buzzing, I was pretty damn drunk. So the nap was taken and the 9 miles was completed and I am one tired bitch. Thank god I did half of it this morning.



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