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1:41 p.m. - 2007-09-13
Drifting along
Since the 10K I haven't been hitting it too hard. I've been consuming mass amounts of muffins (the pumpkin flavored muffins are now in season) and ice cream. I've run every other day. I haven't been watching the clock on it. Generally just somewhere in the 3 to 4 mile range. I'm making sure I'm getting some miles in but feeling pretty lethargic. I suspect the diet could have something to do with it. I was trying to add up the extra crappy calories I've been taking in while trudging through today's run. My best guess is that I've actually consumed and average of 2000 extra calories per day of pure garbage on top of my normal diet. I'm going to try (notice I said 'try') to clean it up for the next couple weeks to see if that doesn't improve my energy level.
On a positive note, I got myself a bigger pair of shoes. During my few long runs, my pinky toes have taken quite a beating and now both toenails are black. So I got a pair of shoes a half size bigger and some of those double layered running socks to help reduce friction. I've worn them the last couple of times out and they fit and felt great.
The high temps have broken.
The weather is beautiful.
I've got no excuses.
I've just got to kick myself in my lazy ass. As a quick addition... how can somebody come up with such a brilliant title for a diary (scrotal-fuzz) and then make the damn thing password only. YOU TEASING BASTARD! OK! Waddle on!



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