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3:18 p.m. - 2007-10-04
6 months of darkness
Haven't posted in a few days. (or weeks) Where the hell have I been? Still doing the thrice weekly self-torture. Although I pushed every other session to about 45 minutes instead of the usual 30. I'm trying to get used to logging a little more mileage. I signed up for an 8 miler a couple weeks back. However, in doing so I'd forgotten about the dreaded ODL(overtime desired list).
We have an ODL list at the little whorehouse where I'm employed. There is some form of chaos expected daily and will always require some unfortunate souls to stay and clean up the mess. In order to preserve the peace (and pad the pockets of the greedy) somebody came up with the ODL. This allows the people who are in no humor to stay more than 8 hours, to leave at the end of their shift. It also allows for people who spend money faster than they get it, to acquire more. During the summer months when the golfing and the gardening is going down, I'm out there spending money like I actually have it. From October to March...I do the list. Usually I go to work in the dark, leave work in the dark and sleep while the sun shines. (Me and Dracula)
So this 8 miler is coming up on the 13th of October. It goes off at like 7:30am in a little town about 80 miles west of me. I normally get off work at 4:30am. I figured I'd have plenty of time to swing by home, grab something to eat and head for the run. They may or may not keep me late at work that day. It's looking so shorthanded in the evening hours next week that there's every possibility that I'll actually do the O.T. on the front side of the shift. That will allow me to get out and get to the run. What I'd never considered was how all these extra hours might tax my legs. All my working hours are spent on my feet. I've never taken a pedometer to work, but I'd say I easily walk 6 to 8 miles a night. That's in an 8 hour shift. So contemplating what I'll feel like after a 10 hour shift and an 8 mile run is kind of depressing. Of course I always say: 'If it won't kill me then I might as well do it." God, I wish I'd quit saying that!
It will most likely limit me to 2 rounds of golf that weekend. Oh, horrors!
In unrelated news, my golf handicap, which had ballooned to 5.6 (highest number in 20 years), has dropped to 4.7. There's still a month of playable weather left to go. I started the year at 2.5 and might be able to push it back a little closer to where it started.
That's all I've got! I'm going to go worship the sun while it's still up.



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