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10:33 p.m. - 2007-11-11
crouching jogger, kinda draggin'
I've spent a few hours the last couple days trying to catch up on my fall yard work. I'd purchased a few (ha-ha) tulip and daffodil bulbs online (and on the cheap) and hadn't made any effort to get them in the ground. I read somewhere the optimal time to plant them is when the nightly temperatures drop into the 50's regularly. It seems like our morning lows went from the 60's to the 20's in about a month. My natural tendency to procrastinate has left me way behind with just a couple weeks to go before Thanksgiving. If I can make myself get out there for 3 hours a day the rest of the week, I should be in good shape by next weekend. Well...maybe!
The result of this extra clearing and planting has my leg muscles pretty bound up. I feel like I'm walking in a permanent crouch. I'm sure it'll get better, but probably not til after I've stopped digging for a couple days.
My occasional runs have been 3 milers. I did 4 today. I'm going to try for 6 next Sunday, 8 the following and hopefully get through the 10 miler in early December with no trouble. It's a wonderful theory. We'll see!
I've been backsliding on my crappy food intake. I picked up 4 bags of Halloween candy the morning after. They are now gone. I've been abusing the chocolate chip muffins and fluff filled long johns on an alarmingly consistent basis. If only my devotion to running and gardening was as strong as my desire for that sugary food.
So my mantra for the next couple of weeks... well... maybe we better just get through one week: run mo' miles, dig mo' holes, don't eat no mo' sugar.
On an unrelated note, I recently read someone else's blog musings. One in particular was that while most people seem to decry reality TV, it's also the most popular genre. I like to think that I'm above reality TV. After having some time to think about it I've decided that maybe I'm not quite honest about that. It's true that I don't actually watch it. But I do spend an inordinate amount of time reading other people's blogs, many of which are just sort of text versions of reality TV. They always seem to fascinate me. I guess I can get off my high horse and admit that I'm not any better than those that made Jerry Springer a success.
Party on!



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