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9:58 p.m. - 2007-11-25
Bulbs, food and a little jogging
I thought it would be a miracle if I got all the bulbs in by Thanksgiving. What I didn't know when I wrote that, was that instead of the 3 to 4 hundred tulip bulbs I thought I had, there was actually 520 something left to plant. Yeah, it's only a hundred something more. But when your legs are already out of squat, it's pretty much torture planting the remainder. Having said that, I got them all planted as darkness fell Tuesday. The timing was perfect. It rained all day Wednesday and saved me watering them.
The digging put a crimp in my running for the week. Monday and Tuesday were spent doing heavy digging. Wednesday was a pretty spectacular rain. I did get in 3.75 miles Thursday, ahead of the afternoon foodgasm.
The old sugar avoidance took a hit that day. Aside from the 3 pieces of pumpkin pie, I swilled down several fully sugared soft drinks. None of them were caffeinated. After I filled my plate(the first time), I asked where to find the slurp. Somebody waved towards the end of the counter closest to the door. There were several cases of soda. I grabbed a couple rootbeers and 3 of my adult nieces tried to correct my apparent error. "Joe, that's the wrong one!" For years I've chugged Mountain Dew all my waking hours. I looked at the cans in my hand and announced: "Oh... I'm caffeine-free!" You should have seen the look on their faces. One of them had brought a 12 pack of Dew with them that morning, just to make sure I had some. Bless her heart! I never realized they ever paid any attention to what I do. I always assumed I was just their old Uncle Joe, whom they saw a couple times a year and promptly forgot immediately afterwards. I'll have to put in a good word for them with Santa.
I got in another 3 miles Friday. I wouldn't normally run 2 days in a row but felt compelled to, after skipping the first 3 days of the week. Friday evening I felt a little ill while at work. I got home Saturday morning and was kind of chilled. You know how you feel when you're coming down with something? It was like that. I slept a couple hours and got up, took a couple aspirins and went out to run errands. I didn't feel sick anymore but was definitely more fatigued than normal.
I picked up a couple of el-cheapo skin tight shirts at Brian's (smoke-free me) suggestion, to see if that might help with the chafed nipple thing I had going on. I also picked up a hat with earflaps to protect me against the coming cold weather.
Today (Sunday) I felt a little bit better and put my new acquisitions to the test. I was going to log 8 miles, so I put on one of the skin tight shirts for a little hooter protection. I didn't tape or bandage my nips. I wanted to see just how well this shirt thing was going to work. It was important to have as few variables as possible. I also wore my new hat. It was spitting a little bit of ice when I started out. I pulled the ear flaps back behind my head and fastened them in place. The sides still hung down far enough to protect my upper ears. That's as much as I needed today. I'll save the battening of the hatches for the real cold weather. The spitting snow eventually changed to a cold drizzle. It didn't feel terrible because I was active. It would have been miserable if you were one of the volunteers ringing a Salvation Army bell. In all I covered 8.07 miles. For about one tenth of every mile, I walked and tried (in vain) to clear my glasses and do the one nostril, hankyless nose blow. I'm not skilled enough to do that while I'm running and NOT get it all over me. By the end of winter I'll be a pro! Since I walked approximated 7 to 8 tenths of a mile, I'm not sure if I should count it as a full 8. But I'm going to 'cause it's my party!
I'm going to try and get out Tuesday and Thursday this week, taking Friday and Saturday off to rest for the 10 miler in Springfield on Sunday.
I'm not sure if my legs will be ready, but I'm feeling pretty good about my nipples!



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