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1:26 p.m. - 2008-02-15

Ok! Sunday I'm going to the Columbus,OH suburb of Dublin for the Fleet Feet-Last Chance for Boston marathon&half marathon.
It's kind of goofy in that instead of running around a city, participants run loops around a 1 mile course. It means I'll get to see the real runners once a lap as they pass me. My only real goal will be to finish. Getting done with the half marathon before the leaders of the marathon finish would be a bonus.
Went for a few small runs this week just to get a little exercise. 3 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles on Thursday. Weather has been pretty lousy. Not absurdly cold but a consistent snowy, icy, cruddy mix. Forecast for Sunday is similar. Hopefully it will either rain or snow. I'm not thrilled with 2.5 hours of ice crystals pelting me in the face. Whatever happens, happens!
I'm a little bit anxious about it. I should be able to get through it OK. If not, because we're running 1 mile loops, I can never be more than a half mile from my truck.

I unwittingly stumbled into a book meme at Brian's .

The rules are:

1. Curse the person who tagged you.
2. Grab the nearest book.
3. Open it to page 123.
[Watch out this is where it starts looking like algebra.]
4. Find the fifth sentence.
5. Post the next three sentences.
6. Tag five people.

Damn you, Brian!

The closest book, still drying from the bathtub incident, was Robert D. Putnam's "Bowling Alone". This comes from the chapter entitled: Altruism, Volunteering and Philanthropy

"The long-run trends in personal philanthropy are reminiscent of the evolution of other aspects of American civic engagement, as figure 31 reveals. The first half of the twentieth century was an era of increasing national generosity. As a share of income, personal philanthropy nearly doubled in the three decades between 1929 and 1960."

I'm not tagging anybody. If you want to do it, do it. I would be kind of interested to see what the rest of you read for recreation. That's all I've got. See you after Dublin!



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