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2:31 p.m. - 2007-07-26
I hadn't run at all since Saturday evening's disappointment. Went to the trails north of Mahomet on Wednesday. Decided to alter my attack slightly. I'd been running easily with a few bursts of quickening in the middle and one at the end to push me over the 3mile/30 minute hump(without success). Wednesday I just tried to jog as quickly as was bearable as long as I could. By the 24 minute mark I was pretty much spent. I continued grinding til the 30 minutes were up. When time expired I'd covered 3.06 miles. That's even with the last 6 minutes going at snail's pace. I'll have to monkey around with my routine to find what's going to work best. Maybe no routine will prove to be the best routine. At any rate, hoo-ray for me!



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