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10:32 p.m. - 2007-07-29
Tender nipples
Instead of my usual 3 really slow runs this week I did 2. The first of these was the now legendary breaking of the 3 miles in 30 minutes barrier on Wednesday. Saturday evening I went for a longer slow one. I hadn't really pushed my limits recently on length. (July 4th the last by my recollection) So I filled up a couple water bottles and headed for the campus of Parkland College. It covers a pretty large area and there are many soccer and softball fields to navigate. Mostly there are just enormous amounts of relatively smooth turf to run on. I'm always looking to save wear and tear on my joints where possible. The July 4th crawl was 5 miles. I decided I'd shoot for 7 miles on this one at a 12 minute mile pace. At that pace I don't even really get winded anymore. It's just a matter of putting in the time and keeping myself hydrated. So I cruised around the grounds a couple times. I stopped for water on the half hour, shutting off the timer while I chugged. The stops were brief as I didn't need to catch my breath, just slug down half a bottle and go on. After the first time around I started to feel just a hint of a burning in my esophagus. I recognized the taste in my mouth as the hot wings I'd eaten 2 hours before. What kind of stupid bastard eats hot wings and goes for a run? The second time around left me with a little over a mile to go to make my 7. I finished up on their rubberized track. Total elapsed running time was 1:24:49. Almost on the money for my 12 minute mile time.
The morning after brought some interesting things to light. I had developed a blister on the 4th toe of the left foot. It never hurt during the run. Your feet kind of swell and go numb during something like that so unless you break a bone you won't feel pain unless the blister had popped and the skin had rolled back.
The second thing was when I put on my golf shirt my nipples had been rubbed pretty raw the night before. I had peeled off the shirt I'd been wearing immediately following the run. So at the time I wasn't aware of any discomfort. I guess it was the weight of the wet shirt that made it drag across my teets a little heavier than normal. I guess from now on I'll need to either tape my nipples or go shirtless for the long runs.
Anyway I walked aound the golf course today. Though my knees were a little creaky, there didn't seem to be any real damage done to the legs or feet.
And I did weigh myself this week. I seem to have gained 6 pounds since the last weigh-in. I was good and had no ice cream or muffins this week. I did have a couple beers and obviously had a few hot wings (drowned in ranch dressing). I'll try to do better this week. At least 3 runs and no really crappy food. I'm not so sure about the last one. I'm so weak when it comes to denying my palate.



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