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3:22 p.m. - 2007-11-16
Just a quick one
I was out getting in a little run just a few minutes ago. I was at a forest preserve west of town. It's small but cozy with lots of fall colors, crushed asphalt roads and wide grassy paths so it's easy on the joints.
I always park the truck in the middle of the park and then run 'out and backs' to the edge of the property. So if I need to stop for a drink or to shed some clothing the truck is never more than a few minutes away. Today as I was finishing my first 'back', I rounded the bend towards the parking lot and saw a large white dog sniffing along the side of the path, just a few steps in front of his owner. When the dog saw me he came padding up, not in a menacing way but I could tell he was coming to see me. He wagged his tail and sniffed my hand as I held it out. His master called to him, "Here, Buddy!" The dog turned around and went back to the man. He smiled and said, "Hi!" I said, "Hey! How ya' doin'? We continued on in our separate directions. I couldn't help but think he looked awfully familiar. I knew I'd seen his face before. As I got to the parking lot, I saw a slick looking little SUV parked a few spaces from my truck. It had Illinois license plates with a lone letter "E" in the middle of the plate. I immediately realized I'd just crossed paths with former Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar. Ok, that's all I got!



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